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  • ISIC Rev. 4 description of #isic8423TZ - Public order and safety activities (activity)
  • CPC Ver. 2 description of (product/service): Check Actor Atlas sector map for CPC correspondences of administration and operation of regular and auxiliary police forces supported by public authorities and of port, border, coastguards and other special police forces, including traffic regulation, alien registration, maintenance of arrest records; firefighting and fire prevention: administration and operation of regular and auxiliary fire brigades in fire prevention, firefighting, rescue of persons and animals, assistance in civic disasters, floods, road accidents etc.; administration and operation of administrative civil and criminal law courts, military tribunals and the judicial system, including legal representation and advice on behalf of the government or when provided by the government in cash or services; rendering of judgements and interpretations of the law; arbitration of civil actions; prison administration and provision of correctional services, including rehabilitation services, regardless of whether their administration and operation is done by government units or by private units on a contract or fee basis; provision of supplies for domestic emergency use in case of peacetime disasters.
  • Actor Atlas class-level sector map: #isic8423TZ - Public order and safety activities

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