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Sector assessment

There are insufficient places in the schools for all pupils who sat for and passed the entrance exam.

Further regime assessment (for the country)

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Roles & gaps

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Objectives & initiatives

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  • ISIC Rev. 4 description of #isic8521TZ - General secondary education (activity)
  • CPC Ver. 2 description of (product/service): Check Actor Atlas sector map for CPC correspondences of provision of the type of education that lays the foundation for lifelong learning and human development and is capable of furthering education opportunities. Such units provide programmes that are usually on a more subject-oriented pattern using more specialized teachers, and more often employ several teachers conducting classes in their field of specialization. Education can be provided in classrooms or through radio, television broadcast, Internet, correspondence or at home. Subject specialization at this level often begins to have some influence even on the educational experience of those pursuing a general programme. Such programmes are designated to qualify students either for technical and vocational education or for entrance to higher education without any special subject prerequisite. This class includes: general school education in the first stage of the secondary level corresponding more or less to the period of compulsory school attendance; general school education in the second stage of the secondary level giving, in principle, access to higher education. This class also includes: special education for handicapped students at this level.
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