Towards a talent explosion for sustainable development

What we mean with a talent explosion is explained in the Interaction dictionary. The content in below tables has the purpose to clarify the challenges and calls to actions for %%title%% actors in Tanzania.

Monitoring & Evaluation

See the curated open data at World Data Atlas (Tanzania) (Knoema)


Interaction Dictionary: Monitoring & Evaluation Realm

Objectives & options


Interaction Dictionary: Change Realm



Interaction Dictionary: Operations Realm

Class-level sector maps and other resources

  • A general description of the sector's scope is available from ISIC Rev. 4 description of %%title%%
  • Actor Atlas section-level sector map: %%title%%

Resource links (national & local)


Questions, answers and comments about %%title%%

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Curated open data about %%title%% in Tanzania (via Knoema)

"%%title%%" in the Actor Atlas

national and local resources

M&E for persons
M&E for organisations
M&E for sector organisations
M&E on the sector in the country
List the feasible local development objectives & initiatives to reach them.
roles (create first in the suitable role-list)